PROMITEX Zinc Chromate

PROMITEX Zinc Chromate is a primer containing anti-rust pigment which is able to prevent rust very effectively. This paint is applied to metal surfaces both in the interior and exterior, for example iron / steel frames, iron / steel construction of buildings / factories, pipes, garden chairs, fences, zinc roofs, etc.


  • Quick Dry
  • Excellent Anti-Rust Protection
  • Strong & Durable
  • Cover Capacity Very Good
  • Spreadability
  • Very Good Adhesion


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  • Clean the surface from dirt, dust, grease & rust by using sandpaper, wire brush or other rust cleaner, or BOXER Rust Converter.
  • Important: Ensure that the surface is completely free of rust before applying PROMITEX Zinc Chromate.
  • Dilute PROMITEX Zinc Chromate with BOXER Thinner B according to the application method used, 10 - 20% (brush), 50 - 75% (Spray). Then stir evenly.
  • Apply to the surface evenly then wait for it to dry completely.
  • If needed, sand the dry coat of paint for a smoother finish.
  • The layer is ready to be coated with Top Coat.

Download the Technical Data below:

Download Technical Data