SUPRACOAT Black Bituminous Paint (Flinkote)

SUPRACOAT Black Bituminous Paint (Flinkote) is a bituminous coating paint which can provide anti-corrosive, anti-chipping, water-resistant, and waterproof surface. It is very suitable to be applied to structures located along the ocean, also for metal / iron, underground pipes, ships, undercarriage or trucks, gutters, and roofs / tiles.


  • Anti-Rust Protection
  • Anti-Chipping
  • Quick drying
  • Forms a Flexible Layer
  • Waterproofing; Leakproof
  • Strong & Durable
  • Water & Salt Resistant


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  1. Make sure the surface to be painted is cleaned thoroughly and free of dust, oil, dirt, and other defects.
  2. Brush / Roller / Spray. Stir well before use. Dilute with Boxer Thinner B; ± 25% (brush), ± 100% (Air spray), ± 25% (Airless spray). Don't be too runny.
  3. As a waterproofing: 3-layer application. For maximum results, add a layer of concrete on top of the paint layer.
  4. For Cracked Concrete: Apply with a palette knife. The paint does not need to be diluted. Wait to dry before the next layer.
  5. To Muffle Car Engine Sound: Apply 3 coats.

Download the Technical Data below:

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